"Our company currently has a promising pre-clinical biotech compound, which potentially could be further developed in multiple indications. Our Board would like to see a high level strategic plan describing the various clinical development pathways inclusive valuations, risk assessments and risk mitigation strategies"

With so many critical decision points in the drug development process, better insights into the drug development inflection points can help you uncover potential risks and opportunities. We use industry-wide accepted techniques such as decision tree analysis and DCF modeling to assist you prioritizing your assets including determination of the most optimal regulatory and clinical pathways available.


Starting with the end in mind enables you to address the various questions you may have:

  • What this the most optimal regulatory strategy and how can I mitigate risks?

  • Which are the individual risks, costs and potential pay-offs associated with each pathway?

  • Which pathway maximizes revenue?

  • What is the total (risk-adjusted) NPV considering all pathways

  • How can I identify issues early so that I can make adjustments without losing time or money?


We work with you from the start to proactively identify the right strategy based on your program.

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