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"We have a late stage pre-clinical compound for which we would like to initiate a First-In-Human clinical study as quickly as possible."

We offer both daily and strategic R&D, pharmaceutical development, manufacturing, clinical, and regulatory management support across all phases of product development. 

Through our network of venture funds, we provide assistance in raising funding.

We are committed to establish long-term partnerships, ensuring a continued support for your technology during its development pathway. Please click here to contact one of our team members

You are an academic group or a life science company looking for development support
You are a venture fund looking for project or portfolio support

Our seasoned multi-disciplinary development team can be brought in place very quickly in order to make a seamless transition from concept to a fully operational company, kickstarting the development of your technology according to plan. 


We strive to establish long-term partnerships, with a clear focus to create value for shareholders while at the same time also aiming to develop innovative therapies impacting patient lives. Please click here  to contact one of our team members 

"Our Board would like to see a strategic plan to develop a  promising pre-clinical candidate in multiple indications."
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