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LFSCNC, providing integrated drug development solutions, launches today.

LFSCNC, a consulting company focused on providing integrated drug development solutions for the life sciences industry, launches today.

LFSCNC will be offering a broad range of development solutions in order to support life science companies with transitioning their scientific and technological innovations into therapeutic solutions.

LFSCNC is founded by three seasoned experts, each of them having more than 15 years of experience in biotechnology and pharma companies.

Dirk De Herdt, Co-founder & Managing Partner LFSCNC, said: “Early stage life science companies are facing a lot of challenges when transitioning to the clinical phase, as many of their development activities in R&D, manufacturing and clinical should be closely aligned at the end of the pre-clinical stage. Combining our expertise we’re aiming at providing integrated solutions rather than just services, so that we can support companies covering all aspects when entering the clinical phase.”

Koen Huygens, Co-founder & Managing Partner LFSCNC, stated: “In addition, as biotechnology compounds in general have a very complex production process, manufacturing has become an increasingly critical component in the overall product development plan. With over 15 years in biotech and pharmaceutical cGMP manufacturing experience, LFSCNC is well positioned to provide extensive manufacturing operations and GMP expertise to life science companies.”

Peter Tomme, Co-founder & Managing Partner LFSCNC, said: “While fostering a dynamic and flexible approach, LFSCNC will primarily be focused on offering the following. With our Early Clinical Development Solutions, we are providing an integrated approach for early stage companies planning to initiate clinical development or companies intending to optimize their (early stage) clinical development. With our Strategic Asset Development Planning, we aim to advising life science companies more from a strategic perspective on their development programs and/or product portfolio. Finally, with our Advisory Solutions, we will be providing tailored solutions to very specific needs.”

For more information about LFSCNC please visit us at or reach out to:

Dirk De Herdt

t: +32 (0)470 675 218


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