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Uppsala Therapeutics and LFSCNC enter into strategic collaboration agreement

Uppsala (Sweden) and Brasschaat (Belgium), May 25th 2020 - Uppsala Therapeutics and LFSCNC today announced that they have entered into a strategic collaboration agreement to further develop Uppsala’s unique technologies based on RNAi drugs and systems for delivery through the blood brain barrier.

The collaboration will leverage Uppsala Therapeutics’ deep R&D expertise with LFSCNC‘s development capabilities in order to further advance Uppsala Therapeutics’ technologies towards the next preclinical and early clinical stages.

Uppsala Therapeutics two-pronged development platform is primarily focused on RNAi drugs and on systems for delivery through the blood brain ba

rrier, both leading to potentially promising novel therapeutic strategies for a variety of life threatening or debilitating diseases.

LFSCNC is a strategic consulting company providing innovative integrated drug development solutions by supporting life science companies with transitioning their scientific and technological innovations into therapeutic solutions.

LFSCNC will use its profound development expertise to assist Uppsala with further finalizing the development strategy, raising the necessary funds and advancing Uppsala Therapeutics’ technologies into the next preclinical and early clinical stages.

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